Summer 2019

The 2019 Summer fellowship meeting was hosted by Pastor Jeffrey Ables and Berean Baptist Church in Springfield, MO on Monday-Tuesday June 3-4.

Bro. Sam Davison, chancellor at Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City, preached at the meeting in conjunction with Berean’s Spring Revival. In the Monday evening service he continued his series on the life of Jacob in a message simply entitled “Boomerang.” Examining the narrative of the life of the patriarch, Bro. Davison pointed out the irony of a life lived by manipulation and exploitation at home, and how he became the victim of his own former sins while working for Laban. You can listen to or download the sermon here. Several preachers stayed after the service to fellowship.

Tuesday morning began with a sermon brought by Pastor Mitch O’Neil of Bible Baptist Church in Ash Grove on the power of God. Pastor O’Neil took the audience to Acts 8 to help us think about the ways in which our own ministries mirror the errors of Simon the sorcerer. He desired God’s power, but on the wrong terms and with the wrong motivations. A desire to do significant or glamorous things in ministry is not an indicator of the sincerity that God demands. Do we want God’s power for God’s purposes, and are we willing to get it God’s way? You can listen to or download the sermon here.

Frank Wood, the pastor emeritus of Whittier Lane Baptist Church in New Castle, IN preached the next service. He led us to Daniel’s account of the pride-induced fall of Nebuchadnezzar. The account reminds us of the sovereignty of God. He is able to humble anyone blinded by their own pride, and yet he is also just as able and willing to forgive them as well. You can listen to or download the sermon here.

Bro. Davison preached the final sermon of the meeting on Tuesday morning. Turning to the call and first sermon of the prophet Samuel, he called for a return to prophet preaching in our own day. Samuel was tasked with the duty of speaking on God’s behalf to God’s people, and not holding anything back. The bold willingness to obediently step forward and speak about whatever the text demands is the great need of our time. Bro. Davison encouraged the preachers in attendance to get into their studies, to know their texts, and to not hold anything back as they confront whatever Eli’s they are called to confront. You can listen to or download the sermon here. The meeting closed with a barbecue lunch provided by the church.

Toward the end of the event Bro. Davison encouraged pastors to continue to come to the meetings and invite others. He spoke of his own time as a younger pastor when Dr. Dave Hardy told Bro. Davison to attend fellowship meetings with him. In the end, he was glad that he did. “Don’t just come for yourself, come to be a blessing to others.”

-David Harris