Spring 2020

This year’s spring fellowship meeting was hosted by Pastor Derek Eckels and the people of Calvary Baptist Church in Nixa, MO. In addition to the hospitality of the congregation, the attending preachers enjoyed the services, with preaching provided by Charles Elliot (Phoenix, AZ) Mitch O’Neil (Ash Grove, MO) and Bill Marshall (Saint Joseph, MO). We worshipped God in the company of Elijah, Samuel, Isaiah, and Paul.

The first sermon was delivered by Charles Elliot. He took us to 1 Kings 17 and spoke on God’s help during discouragement. Like the widow our Lord can provide to sustain our faith in him, even in the worst of times. You can listen to it here.

Tuesday morning Pastor O’Neil spoke from 1 Samuel 3, showing us how the narrative intentionally provides a contrast between the casualness of Elia and his sons and the seriousness with which Samuel served God as a priest, pointing us to our ultimate High Priest. This sermon is available here.

The next service brought a message from Pastor Marshall, who preached from Isaiah 8. He posed the important question of whether or not pastors are really leading their people to be distinct from the unredeemed in the way they conduct their lives. Click here to download this message.

In the closing service, Charles Elliot had us turn to 1 Corinthians 13. He challenged us to think of love, not simply as a feeling or a decisions, but as a dynamic between the believer and God. God’s love is more than a command, it is a living reality that flows through us to others. He challenged us to evaluate the action of our love, using the characteristics outlined in this text. Listen to his address here.