April 2016

The Spring Meeting was held at Calvary Baptist Church in Branson by Pastor Larry Lehman. Music for the meeting was provided by Dorothy Lehman and the Cooper Brothers Bluegrass.

Monday Evening

Pastor Jim Talbert – North Woodlawn Baptist Church, Derby, KS

Text: Matthew 9:18-23

Title: “When Faith Becomes Sight”

Bro. Talbert took us to Matthew 9, where he would preach on the two blind men that asked Jesus to restore their sight. This account takes place when Jesus is riding a wave of popularity. He has just raised the young maid from the dead. The Messiah attracted even more attention during this episode.

The two blind men were there. They had been following Jesus, and knew that He was the only one that could heal them. After all, no one else was quite like this man. He healed the sick. He raised the dead. They knew He could also give them their sight.

They begin to shout His name, but at first Christ does not acknowledge them. They begin to cry out “Son of David, have mercy on us.” There were two things important about this cry. First, they knew who Jesus was. Second they understood who they were in God’s sight: sinners in need of mercy.

Jesus heals them, but before doing so makes this statement, “according to your faith.” Jesus’ response here is not an isolated incident. Bro. Talbert pointed out that Christ dealt with the four friends, the centurion, and the woman with the issue of blood on the same terms. Their healing was contingent on their faith.

Faith is reliance on the promises of God. Have we ever thought about God’s blessings being conditioned on our level of faith? Do we believe God will do what He says He will do. What does God want in our churches? He wants marriages to survive and thrive. He wants people saved. He wants individuals called into the ministry and serve Him. How is our faith?

Tuesday Morning

Bro. John Britton – North Woodlawn Baptist Church, Derby, KS

Text: 2 Kings 5:8-19

Title: “Seven Dunks in a Muddy River”

Bro. Britton introduced his sermon and led us to 2 Kings 5:8-19.

Namaan’s maid had never seen anyone be healed of leprosy, but she had faith in God and believed it could be done. Namaan thought a lot of himself, and thought that Elisha would honor him. He was hoping the prophet would perform some impressive miracle to rid him of his leprosy.

When the solution was offered, Namaan was not thrilled. He would have to go into the Jordan River seven times. Namaan could not understand why Elisha did not treat him with more respect. He wanted God’s healing, but he did not want his pride offended in the process. He left in anger.

But because of a plea from one of the servants, Namaan decided to go back. God worked in his heart and helped him get over his pride. Before he could receive cleansing from God, he had to see things in proper perspective: he was just a sinner that did not deserve God’s grace. When Namaan came to humility, he came to the Jordan. After obeying the prophet’s instructions, God healed him of his leprosy.

Even though he was a Gentile, he was delivered from a deadly disease. Why? Because God blesses humility. As preachers of the Word, we need to approach everything we do with humility. God will bless it.

Pastor Claude Slate – Colonial Baptist Church, Rogers, AR

Text: John 21:3-14

Title: “When Trials Come”

Bro. Slate talked about the despair and discouragement that often comes in ministry. He pointed out that last year, over 1700 pastors left the ministry per month, and over 1300 were terminated by their churches. We need faithfulness and longevity in the ministry.

The disciples found themselves in a period of discouragement in John 21. Bro. Slate mentioned some things from their situation that we could apply to our own.

1. Stay in the boat. Though the disciples had not caught any fish, they would sooner than they realized. Don’t downplay the significance of the local church in which you serve. There is no institution in the world that is more important. Stay at your post.

2. Stay on the right side. Don’t just stay in ministry, do ministry work as Christ has commanded.

3. Keep casting the net. Follow the Great Commission. Preach the Gospel, evangelize your city. Send missionaries around the world and trust God with the results.

4. Keep bringing fish to Jesus. Disciple those within your church. People do not grow in Christ automatically, they need to be taught.

5. Stay in the Word. You cannot feed your people if you do not study the Word of God yourself.

6. Keep loving Christ, even when you fail. Like the disciples, we will fail in our work for the Lord. But we can always run to Him.

7. Guard what is most important. Peter was focused on John and became distracted from what the Lord wanted him to do. Entrust the tasks that God has given to you, and don’t give your focus to what others are doing differently.

Pastor Jim Talbert – North Woodlawn Baptist Church, Derby, KS

Text: Romans 16:17-18

Title: “Mark Them”

In this passage, there is an important warning to the Lord’s churches. Paul tells us to “mark them” that cause divisions by departing from the truths of God’s Word. This warning was given to the Roman believers regarding those that differ on the doctrines “they had learned.” Thus, it is a warning that assumes the listeners are grounded in sound doctrine.

We cannot help our church recognize error if we don’t carefully teach them the truth. If they understand not only how our doctrines are stated by how they can be reasonably defended from Scripture, then they will be able to recognize teaches that are not in order.

To mark someone is not necessarily to announce something about him, but to note that person carefully and consider what happens to them. It is to observe someone and discerningly conclude “that is not right.” The pastor’s job is to teach the congregation the doctrines found in the Bible, so they can mark those that cause divisions.

Believers in our churches need to be aware of those that have different doctrines of salvation, those that deny the inspiration and authority of Scripture, and those that have erroneous view of the ordinances given to the church.

Pastor Talbert gave several examples of how false doctrines can enter churches, and encouraged us to carefully teach people God’s Word, so that they will be equipped to mark error.


The church provided supper on Monday night, and lunch on Tuesday afternoon. Several preachers came to the meeting, and greatly appreciated the preaching and all of the work the hosting church put in.


Bro. Lehman had the services recorded. If you are interested in obtaining these recordings you can contact him at 417-593-1046 or PastorCBCofBranson@gmail.com.