Spring Meeting 2018

Dear Preacher,
United Baptist Church is thrilled to host the Missouri Independent Baptist Preacher’s Meeting March 26th & 27th.  I hope you can make it.  As I see it there are two glaring problems with this Preachers Meeting:
1.     This letter is VERY late, and you don’t have much time to clear your schedule.
2.     The March meeting is normally the Monday & Tuesday after the first Sunday in March.
As a pastor, the only thing I hate more than hearing excuses is giving excuses.  But sometimes we face things beyond our control.  Having agreed to host the meeting well over a year ago I had no idea it would come during a time we did have a church building.  This coupled with a severe concussion I suffered while trying to find a place we could meet has resulted in this late notice.
I hope, in spite of this late notice, God intervenes and opens the door for you and many other pastors to be able to attend.  I realize the load that pastors bear and the time which it requires.  We are excited about being a blessing to you, but we can’t be if you don’t come!
God has laid on my heart to ask three men to preach that have a very close connection to United Baptist Church.  God’s hand is upon of each of the men preaching.  My prayer is that each of us will be changed by the preached Word!  These two days of preaching should prove to be a challenge, encouragement and help to your life and ministry.  
Our speakers are:
  Evangelist Jim Van Gelderen – He has held 6 Revival Campaigns in the 14 years I have pastored United Baptist.  God has always greatly used his preaching.  God has clearly directed that he would have a regular influence in our church and I know his preaching will help and encourage you!
  Pastor Matt Dedmon – Was sent out of United Baptist to plant Heritage Baptist Church on the east side of Springfield in 2012.  God has always used his preaching in our church and I know it will be a blessing to you!
  Pastor Stan Metts – Bro. Metts serves as the Pastor Emeritus at United Baptist.  He has served the Lord for over 50 years as a Missionary in Ethiopia, a Church planter in Connecticut, and a Pastor in Macon, MO.  Pastor Emeritus is a position of honor and he and his wife, Wilda, are both honored and loved by United Baptist Church.  I know you will love his preaching and be instructed by the wisdom God has blessed him with!
Schedule will be as follows:
Monday  7:30 pm  Preaching              
 Tuesday 8:00 am   Breakfast – Fellowship to follow                                
  9:00 am   Preaching                                                          
 12:00 pm Lunch
PLESE NOTE – We no longer have our former church building.  We are meeting at a borrowed building, because of that the meeting is at 7:30 pm Monday night
The place of meeting for both Monday & Tuesday is:
SRCC Event Center
6448 W. State Hwy. EE
Springfield, MO 65802
His Servant & Yours,
Steven B. Brudnak