Spring Meeting 2018

Dear Preacher,
United Baptist Church is thrilled to host the Missouri Independent Baptist Preacher’s Meeting March 26th & 27th.  I hope you can make it.  As I see it there are two glaring problems with this Preachers Meeting:
1.     This letter is VERY late, and you don’t have much time to clear your schedule.
2.     The March meeting is normally the Monday & Tuesday after the first Sunday in March.
As a pastor, the only thing I hate more than hearing excuses is giving excuses.  But sometimes we face things beyond our control.  Having agreed to host the meeting well over a year ago I had no idea it would come during a time we did have a church building.  This coupled with a severe concussion I suffered while trying to find a place we could meet has resulted in this late notice.
I hope, in spite of this late notice, God intervenes and opens the door for you and many other pastors to be able to attend.  I realize the load that pastors bear and the time which it requires.  We are excited about being a blessing to you, but we can’t be if you don’t come!
God has laid on my heart to ask three men to preach that have a very close connection to United Baptist Church.  God’s hand is upon of each of the men preaching.  My prayer is that each of us will be changed by the preached Word!  These two days of preaching should prove to be a challenge, encouragement and help to your life and ministry.  
Our speakers are:
  Evangelist Jim Van Gelderen – He has held 6 Revival Campaigns in the 14 years I have pastored United Baptist.  God has always greatly used his preaching.  God has clearly directed that he would have a regular influence in our church and I know his preaching will help and encourage you!
  Pastor Matt Dedmon – Was sent out of United Baptist to plant Heritage Baptist Church on the east side of Springfield in 2012.  God has always used his preaching in our church and I know it will be a blessing to you!
  Pastor Stan Metts – Bro. Metts serves as the Pastor Emeritus at United Baptist.  He has served the Lord for over 50 years as a Missionary in Ethiopia, a Church planter in Connecticut, and a Pastor in Macon, MO.  Pastor Emeritus is a position of honor and he and his wife, Wilda, are both honored and loved by United Baptist Church.  I know you will love his preaching and be instructed by the wisdom God has blessed him with!
Schedule will be as follows:
Monday  7:30 pm  Preaching              
 Tuesday 8:00 am   Breakfast – Fellowship to follow                                
  9:00 am   Preaching                                                          
 12:00 pm Lunch
PLESE NOTE – We no longer have our former church building.  We are meeting at a borrowed building, because of that the meeting is at 7:30 pm Monday night
The place of meeting for both Monday & Tuesday is:
SRCC Event Center
6448 W. State Hwy. EE
Springfield, MO 65802
His Servant & Yours,
Steven B. Brudnak

Winter Meeting 2017

Dear pastors and workers,

Another Preacher’s Fellowship Meeting is upon us, and I must say we are a little apprehensive.

Calvary Baptist Church in Nixa has been scheduled for this meeting for over a year. This will be our first meeting to host, and will be my first meeting to host as the pastor. Needless to say our church is very excited and is looking forward to being a blessing to pastors and workers. I am so new that I have no great words of aged wisdom; but I have already realized how much I personally need to be preached to after spending week in and week out preaching to others. It is no trite statement when I say my prayer is that this meeting is life changing. I would that you would pray with me to that end.

I have been praying about who to have preach this meeting, and I am confident God has brought the right men for this meeting. Please pray for the following preachers who have been praying and preparing to preach.

C.R. Curtman
Cornerstone Baptist Church
Wildwood, MO

Wes Stewart
Bible Baptist Church
Cassville, MO

Jeff Quigley
Liberty Baptist Church
Lamar, MO


Monday December 11th:
7:00 PM – Evening service
Meal afterwards

Tuesday December 12th:
8:00 AM– Breakfast
9:30 AM– Services begin
12:00– Lunch

As for accommodations, there is a Super 8 in Nixa, with rates starting at $65/night.

There are also several hotels in Ozark as well as south Springfield.

If you have any questions  at all, please feel free to call me any time.

See you soon,

Derek Eckels
Calvary Baptist Church
206 Smalley Street
Nixa, MO 65714

Fall Meeting 2017

Harvest Baptist Church in Savannah will be hosting the Fall Meeting on October 9th and 10th.


Monday, October 9th

  • 7:00 PM – Bill Marshall preaching

Tuesday, October 10th

  • 9:00 AM – Jim Mackey preaching
  • 10:00 AM – Ben Moore preaching
  • 11:00 AM – Bill Marshall preaching


Harvest Baptist Church, 14446 State Rt. E. Savannah, MO 64485


The Holliday Inn Express in St. Joseph is offering rooms at $99.00 if you mention Bible Baptist Temple / Harvest Baptist Church. Call 816-233-2500 to book a room.


Summer Meeting 2017


Berean Baptist Church in Springfield will host the Summer Meeting on June 5th and 6th. Sam Davison and Carl Boonstra will be preaching. We look forward to this time together, and hope you join us for this time of fellowship.


Monday, June 5th

  • 7:00 PM – First Service with Sam Davison
  • Dessert fellowship

Tuesday, June 6th

  • 9:30 AM – First Service with Carl Boonstra
  • 10:30 AM – Second Service with Sam Davison
  • Lunch at the Leon Gray Fellowship Hall


Berean Baptist Church

507 E. Norton Road

Springfield, MO 65803

Spring Meeting 2017

Dear Preacher,

We are excited to be hosting the Spring 2017 MO Baptist Preacher’s Fellowship Meeting. It will be held April 24 and 25. Services will begin Monday evening at 7:00 PM with a dessert fellowship to follow. Tuesday services will start at 9:00 AM with lunch following the preaching. The preachers we will be hearing from at this meeting include Bro. Joe Decker, Jr., Bro. Jason Tucker, and Bro. Jerry Pyle.

It has come to my attention that there might be some confusion about the month in which this meeting is to be held. It will be in April, not March. I am sorry for any miscommunication on this matter.

Berean Baptist Church is excited about ministering to you at this meeting. I am looking forward to seeing you here and to the time of fellowship. Let me know if you have any needs or questions.


Shane Hughes
Berean Baptist Church
Strafford, MO

Calendar Update

The Spring Meeting will be hosted by Berean Baptist Church in Strafford on April 24-25, not on March 6-7 as listed on the calendar page earlier. We apologize for this error. More information to follow.

Winter Meeting 2016

We are excited to be hosting the winter meeting of the Missouri Baptist Preachers next month. It is our desire that you will come, be encouraged through the fellowship and preaching, and help us celebrate a very special year here at Tabernacle Baptist Church. We have been celebrating several important milestones this year. Early in the year, on February 21st, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the start of Tabernacle Baptist Church. Then on March 21st, we celebrated the 45th anniversary of the Free Day Away, ministering to the soldiers of Fort Leonard Wood. When August 18th arrived, we celebrated yet another anniversary – the start of Tabernacle Christian Academy, our Christian school, which has ministered to hundreds of young people over the last 35 years.

As a part of this yearlong celebration, we have invited former members back to share in these celebrations. Nearly ever special event this year has included a return visit from a former member that was either on staff or grew up here and is now serving the Lord in full time ministry. It has been a very blessed time as we reconnected or rejoiced with each of them about what God has done or is doing in their lives.

In keeping with the theme of our anniversary this year, all four of our speakers will be individuals who grew up here or were on staff here at Tabernacle.

Rocky Harrill, pastor of Tulsa Baptist Temple, Tulsa OK, will be preaching on Tuesday morning. Pastor Harrill was saved while here at TBC, graduated from TCA in 1984, and served on staff at TBC for 3 1/2 years. After serving here in Lebanon, he accepted the call to pastor Faith Baptist Church, Johnson, KS. After ministering there for several years, he was called to be the pastor of Tulsa Baptist Temple, where he has now served for 17 years. He also serves as a part time teacher at Heartland Baptist Bible College where he teaches Baptist History and Baptist Distinctives.

Cliff Mizer, pastor of First Baptist Church, Englewood, CO, will also be preaching on Tuesday morning. Pastor Mizer was saved here in Lebanon and served on staff for six years. Pastor Mizer then left to pastor Bible Baptist Church in Cassville, MO. After a fruitful ministry in Missouri, he was called to be the pastor of First Baptist Church in Englewood, where he has ministered for the last 16 years. The church is the home of Silver State Youth Camp and hosts the Dennis Brown Memorial Church Planting Conference every spring.

Darren Myers, evangelist and founder of Freedom Focus Ministry, will be preaching on Tuesday. Bro. Myers grew up at TBC, graduated from TCA,and served on staff for twelve years. After serving in Lebanon, he accepted the call to pastor Landmark Baptist Church in Rolla, MO. In January of 2015, he went into full time evangelism with Freedom Focus Ministry. Darren, Tammy, and their son Daniel are excited to use their years of ministry experience to assist local churches to reach America. Through preaching, teaching, singing, and multimedia presentations, they desire to bring the truths of freedom alive for this generation.

John Wilkerson, pastor of First Baptist Church, Hammond, IN, will preach Monday night. Pastor Wilkerson and his family attended TBC and TCA in the early 1980’s. Throughout his ministry, Pastor Wilkerson has served the Lord as a Christian school teacher and principal, has pastored the First Baptist Church of Long Beach, CA, a church that saw substantial growth while he was there, and is currently serving his fourth year as the pastor in Hammond. I am very excited about and thankful for the good reports that I hear about this historic church.

I hope you will plan to spend December 12-13 with us. The meeting starts at 7:00 PM Monday night. If you will come, I promise that you will enjoy great food, encouraging fellowship, and the power of God on your life through the preaching of His Word.

If we can assist you in planning your visit to Lebanon, please feel free to call the church.

Serving Together,

Donald R. Ball